Meet the Owners

Shaka Pops founders Chris­tine Vest­fals and Larry Lutz fell in love with Maui when they were mar­ried here in 2003.  Ensconced in cor­po­rate Amer­ica, like so many oth­ers they could only dream of mov­ing to Maui.  A twist of fate gave them the oppor­tu­nity to take a chance and real­ize their dreams at a time when gourmet ice pops were gain­ing popularity.

Raised by a health con­scious mother in a home where Chee­rios was con­sid­ered junk food, Chris­tine turned to her roots and began test­ing recipes for fresh fruit pops on her friends and fam­ily.  Larry was fin­ish­ing up his MBA stud­ies, so he wrote a busi­ness plan as part of his pro­gram (he got an A!).  A few months later, after putting their house up for sale and tap­ping into their sav­ings, they were liv­ing the dream on Maui.

Shaka Pops made its debut at Whale Day on Feb­ru­ary 18, 2012 with only six fla­vors, but the impact was imme­di­ate. When one cus­tomer came back five times, bring­ing friends and even strangers to try the pops, the cou­ple knew they had a hit.  Two years later, the Shaka Pops pop cart is a fix­ture at local events, fes­ti­vals and farm­ers mar­kets.  Their pops can be found in over two dozen retail stores, restau­rants and resorts around the island, as well as their mobile loca­tion in Hana.


Shaka Pops - C&L bike 1MBChristine Vestfals & Larry Lutz wedding at Secret Beach, Maui 5-03-1