Farmers market fruitSha­ka Pops show­cas­es sea­son­al local pro­duce with tan­ta­liz­ing ingre­di­ents such as Hawai­ian pineap­ples, Kula straw­ber­ries, Maui cof­fee, and local cit­rus.  They are light­ly sweet­ened with organ­ic nat­ur­al cane sug­ar to let the mouth­wa­ter­ing fla­vors shine through, and we also offer “no sug­ar added” pops that are nat­u­ral­ly sweet­ened with real fruit and not arti­fi­cial sweet­en­ers.

Our arti­san ice pops reflect the tastes of the Hawai­ian Islands using the fresh­est local pro­duce and ingre­di­ents when­ev­er pos­si­ble.  You can find our “Clas­si­cle” fla­vors at local gro­cers, retail­ers, resorts, and activ­i­ties on Maui and Kauai.  Avail­able only at our pop trikes and spe­cial events, our “Lim­it­ed Edi­tion” fla­vors give us the oppor­tu­ni­ty to exper­i­ment with sea­son­al ingre­di­ents or unique fla­vor com­bi­na­tions.

Cus­tom fla­vors are also avail­able by spe­cial order (two dozen min­i­mum).

Clas­si­cle Fla­vors

Lava Flow

Coconut Lime

Pas­sion Orange Gua­va

Straw­ber­ry Limeade

Rasp­ber­ry Lemon­ade

Straw­ber­ry Banana (no sug­ar added)

Pineap­ple Cream*

Maui Cof­fee*

Man­go Moji­to

*Con­tains dairy

Lim­it­ed Edi­tion Fla­vors

Exot­ic Fruit Cock­tail (no sug­ar added)

Lilikoi Cheese­cake*

Man­go Cream*

Water­mel­on Hon­ey

Mac Nut Brown­ie*

Blue­ber­ry Lemon But­ter­milk*

Shaka­roon (coconut mac­a­roon)*

Mayan Choco­late*

Salt­ed Caramel*

Tan­ger­ine Cream­si­cle*

Cran­ber­ry Cit­rus Spice

Papaya Pas­sion (no added sug­ar)

Exotic fruit cocktail ingredients

Tangerine Cream tastes even better than it looks!Maui Mocha