Meet the Owners

Shaka Pops founders Christine Vestfals and Larry Lutz fell in love with Maui when they were married here in 2003.  Ensconced in corporate America, like so many others they could only dream of moving to Maui.  A twist of fate gave them the opportunity to take a chance and realize their dreams at a time when gourmet ice pops were gaining popularity.

Raised by a health conscious mother in a home where Cheerios was considered junk food, Christine turned to her roots and began testing recipes for fresh fruit pops on her friends and family.  Larry was finishing up his MBA studies, so he wrote a business plan as part of his program (he got an A!).  A few months later, after putting their house up for sale and tapping into their savings, they were living the dream on Maui.

Shaka Pops made its debut at Whale Day on February 18, 2012 with only six flavors, but the impact was immediate. When one customer came back five times, bringing friends and even strangers to try the pops, the couple knew they had a hit.  Two years later, the Shaka Pops pop cart is a fixture at local events, festivals and farmers markets.  Their pops can be found in over two dozen retail stores, restaurants and resorts around the island, as well as their mobile location in Hana.


Shaka Pops - C&L bike 1MBChristine Vestfals & Larry Lutz wedding at Secret Beach, Maui 5-03-1