Peach popsicles — so many delicious choices.…

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We scored 60 pounds of fresh Maui peach­es (very tiny and very rare!!!).  We’ve already made Spicy Peach and Man­go pops for Cin­co de Mayo.  What oth­er pop­si­cles should we make with them???

  • The Greek Peach (with Greek yoghurt, hon­ey)
  • Grilled Peach and Pineap­ple with Car­damom
  • Lilikoi Peach (with Hawai­ian pas­sion fruit)
  • Peach­es & Cream

Swap Meet and Earth Day and a movie, oh my!

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Crazy week­end for Sha­ka Pops!  We got our “fash on” at Makawao Third Fri­day last night and we’re head­ing out to the Maui Swap Meet ear­ly this morn­ing.  Tomor­row we will be at Maui Earth Day and then the MACC for The Bee Movie under the stars.  Next year we’ll try to tack­le the Taro Fes­ti­val as well.  Whew!

Shaka Pops wins Best New Food Product at 2012 Maui Agricultural Festival

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Sha­ka Pops won “Best New Food Prod­uct” for our hand­made, local­ly sourced pop­si­cles at the 2012 Maui Coun­ty Agri­cul­tur­al Fes­ti­val on April 7!   Get the press release here Sha­ka Pops Wins at Ag Fest 4–9-12

The first taste of Shaka Pops at Whale Day!

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Join us for the Whale Day fes­tiv­i­ties at Kala­ma Park in Kihei as Sha­ka Pops intro­duces our shock­ing­ly deli­cious gourmet ice pops to the world.  We’ll be serv­ing up sure-to-be favorites such as Pineap­ple Gin­ger, Straw­ber­ry Limeade and POG.  Mmm­m­m­m­mm, POG!